Welcoming (me) back

Whew,it’s been a while since I logged in to this WP acc. Thank you to my senior Mishbah for the reminder.

So now I’m in my sixth semester, which probably the most un-busiest and different semester I had. 18 academic credits! Perfect for my non-academic plans.

Err, what the heck that I do with 18 credits? One of the reason is because of the killing 6 credits course, a course where the students are grouped and assigned to develop any mobile or desktop apps. Cool, but killing. My team finally agreed to develop an Android apps. Therefore, I’m gonna swim Android library this semester.

After 2 years spending my time in the faculty’s student executive organization, now I’m trying my best in the legislative one. So far, Read More »


Holiday and Post-Holiday

Hello folks! Be careful, this post might bore you half to death. Trying to write beautiful words and topics is deadly difficult, so rather than not posting at all, I’m back to my old writing style.

This holiday, some friends and I participated in a web design competition, so we worked on it quite hard. A thing that kind of bizarre here is that the server provided by the committee of the competition was hacked, so a lot of the teams’ websites were mysteriously lost a few components of the website or even the whole website. It might be the committee’s trick, though, but this problem was resolved when they decided to let us use our own hosting. Unfortunately, my friends and I didn’t pass to the final stage. But that’s okay 🙂

Another thing I did this holiday is taking a driving course, and… Getting a driving license! Finally. My parents were serious about this driving thing, which forced me to take 10 hours of driving course -_-. I think that was too much, for I had some experiences on driving a car previously and the driving instructor keeps on following the same routes day by day. But my driving skill is, indeed, need a lot of refinement. The good thing to own a driving license is they allow me to drive now, even when we visited a lot of relatives. Another progress!

The new semester finally comes. It was hard to finally took off all the fun (emphasis on Baking Life, The Sims 3, and Plants Vs Zombies :p) behind. What is even harder to leave are family meetings, the warmth in it, and the chance to know more about the cousins. Ugh, I wish I could go home every weekend and have a chill conversation with each one of them =(. That was too much to wish for, I think, but after all, it’s good to be back to campus!

This fifth term is immensely different from the last one. For instance, the minimized role in campus’ committees and organization gives me the chance to finally take more credits ever in my whole university life: 21 credits. Err, okay, most of the people won’t think this credits are excessive, but for me, it is. There are a lot of reasons behind this, of course, but it won’t be shared here. Just for thought, University of Indonesia only has 4 effective month of lecture in a semester. This is a veeeery short term, not to add that there were Ied Fitr holiday this term. Taking 21 credits is rather risky.

Fifth term means I can choose which lecture I want to study, according to the field of computer science I want to learn more. There are still compulsory courses I have to take. Some of them are dull nor very difficult, which make them not so fascinating. The chosen courses are day saver, they act as a coffee to face boring courses. Whatever happens this term, face it, don’t leave it! 😀

Old friends pass away, new friends appear. It is just like the days. An old day passes, a new day arrives. The important thing is to make it meaningful: a meaningful friend – or a meaningful day. 
Dalai Lama 

May … be?

I know I am not the greatest and the most consistent blogger in the world. So please forgive my activities that keep me busy. #yeahblameallthosestuff

May 2010 is probably the most wearing month I have had in my entire university years. May 2010 is when each and every activity I take this semester get its main part. The final exam, the Compfest 2010 main event, the Evaluation of PKM-will talk about this shortly-, the first financial report of Computer Science’s Student Executive Board, and last but not least, the relationship.

As Compfest 2010 is the first main event took place this month, so I will start from it.The Compfest 2010 is an event arranged by the students of Computer Science of University of Indonesia. It is one of the Student Executive Board of Computer Science work program. Compfest stands for Computer Festival, and this year’s Compfest took place in Smesco, Gatot Subroto, the first Compfest that took place outside the University of Indonesia! I served as secretary there, which is a very busy position, if I may say. Alhamdulillah, the event went well. However, the burden is still left: the accountability report. Sigh.

What came next is the final exam. The final exam is like it always have been. Studying until late, regretting all the time that is lost-even though they are lost in a good way-. Is still praying and hoping for the best.

Interleaved with the final exam’s schedule is the evaluation of PKM. PKM is Program Kreativitas Mahasiswa, a part of Pimnas (Pekan Ilmiah Mahasiswa Nasional). The mechanism work this way. So a team of students propose a proposal to the Dikti (Departemen Pendidikan Tinggi) to get financed. The proposal is about serving the community in any field. To conclude, every students in different faculties can take part as long as the goal is to help the community.

Alhamdulillah, our proposal is financed by the Dikti. Our job this semester is to bring the proposal into reality. Most of our team are campus activists, means the most problem is about taking time to gather. Nevertheless, we are succeed in making the program!

The first financial report of the Student Executive Board is amazing. The report was declined a few times. For the sake of transparency of finance, I guess it is acceptable.

Everything in May is wrapped, so I am taking off. There will be more writing this summer, for I may be more vacant than ever :p

Take a breath, folks! 🙂


A Few Updates

It’s been too long I let this blog in its hibernate mode. Let’s write something before the mood wears off.

A lot of things have been going on in the past one month plus plus that I’d like to share.

On a committee, I was asked to be a treasurer. Wow, this position is something that I have almost never done before. Secretary probably is my specialty, but handling money?? That’s something different. Anyhow, I learn a lot from it. Making budget plan, writing down the expenses and income, and finally making the financial report. The trouble I had in this position is that the other committee mostly forget to TAKE THE RECEIPT from the sellers (aka kwitansi). Other thing that is quite nasty is that the report should be with dates, while most of the incomes have no date info on the receipt we have. Daaaang!

In the other committee, I happen to be a staff of the eating section section which take care of the food matters. I kinda love this job, since the job is fun and we deal with lots of food there  And this one will last for a few months, so let’s keep the spirit up!

The new semester have started. More interesting difficult courses are coming, more efforts must be done to accomplish those ones well. Not to forget, more obstacles are in the way. Well, not obstacles, but a few things that might be a distraction this semester. Such as, say, upcoming committees? Emotional distraction? More to come, I guess.

And now of course are Ied Fitr holiday, which is a pseudo holiday for college students, where they bury us with lots of assignments. Ah! How beautiful high school was

Yeehauw, let’s get back to reality! Face your future!

Summer Course and Buses

Summer course in University of Indonesia is now on! The cost is Rp 250.000,00 per credit. If you took 1 course (mostly 3 credits), you must pay Rp 750.000,00. Quite a money, huh?

I only take 1 course, which only take 2 meetings per week. Unfortunately I still have to go to the campus 4 days a week. What the heck?? So many consequences of taking a lot of activities and committees. Moreover, this holiday I don’t live in my cozy and lovely dormitory, but I live in my parents’ house in Jakarta. Consequently, I take buses in order to get to campus.

What? Me? That spoiled girl is taking buses? Yes, I finally get the chance to taste public transportation in Jakarta Jakarta-Depok.

Public transportation in Jakarta is somehow pathetic and enjoyable. I often use Depok-Grogol buses. Even one of the bus only cost you Rp 2.500,00 for that distance! But most of these buses will give you what people say “tua di jalan” because taking them -especially in traffic time- means losing 2 hours++ on the road. Some that are more expensive only took less than 2 hours, but you lose more money.

Anyway, I learned a lot from taking buses. I am one of the people who just sit on the back of the car, mostly don’t look out to learn the road. I sometimes sleep on the car and even read books (yeah, this one is bad for your eyes’ health). I also find it enjoyable to be in the car, cool and is sheltered from any kind of weather outside.

Taking buses means another way. I must watch the road in order to know where should I stop. I must also bring umbrella everyday, a preparation to face the rain while waiting on the road. Most notably, buses are not too comfortable. It’s hot, especially when you take it in the traffic time, which will make the bus full. A full bus means a lot of singing beggar inside, because they look for a crowded bus.

I know some people dislike these singing beggars. However, I think we should respect them, at least they who sing and play the instruments nicely, and it’s not too hard to find. They are also human, and by singing they also do some job, not just begging. Still, not every people are lucky. Jakarta is difficult, dude! Before going to the bus stop, I found myself preparing not only the money for the bus cost, but also some small coins to give to the singing beggar.

On the other hand, I don’t like to give money to children singing beggars. I don’t think they are supposed to be singing on the road and the bus like that. Moreover, I like the idea of giving them milk, as our friends in Bandung do. Not too difficult to try, eh?

Back to topic, one of the issues in public transportation is safety. This one depends on the owner. Most of buses user is likely to use their cellphones on the bus, whether to call or text message, which made me quite surprised. As long as you take care of your belongings well and be confidence (don’t look as if you’re scared) then it’s OK to use it. Yet don’t show off, only a fool done that. I even aslept sometimes, but alhamdulillah my belongings are safe. Asleep in the bus is not recommended, however!

That’s all. Some tidbits of my experience as a beginner in public transportation in Jakarta. Silly, I know. Guess I will make a page of buses around Depok-Jakarta later.

Good day, may the force be with you! 😀


Nothing more to say, but alhamdulillah!

Ah, I really have never imagined it would be this great. Thanks to Allah, my dearest family who always be there when I need them, and my awesome friends! *Dang, I talked as if I were in some kind of winning-speech

This semester’s result turn up to be so surprisingly amazing. I thought the result would be a total wreck, since I ruined most of the mid tests and quizzes. But yeah, all the illness, the breaking h*art, it’s all paid off! Miraculous.

Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah! (can’t stop saying this :D)

Endless Illness

They say that this week is a “silent week”, which means there’s SUPPOSEDLY be no lecture, no task, we must study for the final exam, and so forth. But until I wrote this, I haven’t even touch any book or notes to prepare the exam. This happens because of the OOP project. Duh. It really takes time, you know.

The project description said that we should do the task in 3 hours per week. Yeah, like we are spending more that 5 hours per day doing it, and the progress until now is less than 50%. Maybe that 3 hours is applied for professional. Huh.

As if it’s not enough, I’m sick. Again. This time it’s not only daily flu and cough, but also asthma. I can’t help wondering why this is happening. I think I took adequate sleep time this week and had discipline meal time, but it did not affect the illness. Darn it.

Anyway, the internet lesson I taught to my mother finally gave me a benefit too. She has a facebook account now, and luckily she’s online right when I need or miss her :). So now I can chat with my mother and father without spending any cell phone credit. Great great great!

The final exam is coming in a few days, and this might be the last post before it. This one might sound sarcastic and full of complaints, but I really need to spill this one out, even though I don’t really like the idea of making this blog as a container of my complaints. All right, let’s go back to work!

May we have a great final exam!