For the last two months, I’ve been dealing with a few more programming languages I’ve never encountered before in my whole life. I myself not really a master of code, not even an ACM participant, yet I am very very eager to learn and try. I attempt going out of my teaching assistant comfort zone by joining a software shop in South Jakarta. For the same reason too, I attempt teaching another course I’ve never been a master of before, the Operating System course. Kill me already!

Yet I learn a lot. From my current workplace, I already worked on Objective C and Ruby on Rails. Ruby on Rails a server side programming language, and is like so cool! Except that Indonesia barely has server to host it. Also, meeting super cool geeks who have been working in the field for years.

From my other part time workplace, I also learned (again) a programming language I have forgotten the most: C. It is so amazing how so many languages actually derived from this language, like C++, C#, Objective C, but this language has so many elements I do not understand. Again, I met awesome work colleagues: mostly younger geeky boys! Let me tell you, they are so smart I don’t know what happened to me back then until I become the way I am now. Already forgotten many of OS concepts, but they cheerfulness really help from being sulky studying it. As much as what-the-hell-am-I-doing-teaching-OS, like perhaps I ain’t going to use it in my future, but the process is just exciting for me. I mean, teaching is just fun, and being in a full-spirited campus like mine is just irreplaceable.

As one may have predict, both of what I do now involving working with men, literally man, a person who is not a woman (… please continue to whatever suits you). Although there are some cons, it’s still fun for me.

This is a short post, and probably my last post from this blog. I plan to upgrade to a new domain for more personal customization. Just to keep the blog alive.

Thank you for reading! 😉


One thought on “Code!

  1. I think you should try COBOL or RPG in fixed format.
    I didn’t think people were coding like that 😆

    Anyway congrats and cheers!
    *tell us here when your new `home` has been set up

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