Stay Healthy!

Truth be told, I finally reach my last semester in college. Yay! (or should I say Aww?)
It started a bit weird, because I was badly ill, having a dengue fever for weeks. I even lose my hospitalized-ginity, and hit the hospital twice. A bad experience indeed. Not to mention there were many opportunities come when I lied weakly on hospital bed. Ahh, what a life.

Nevertheless, I should be thankful that I was sick at this time, like, at my final semester, in which I don’t have many obligations. Lucky enough, I didn’t miss much in the Deutschkurs I’m taking this semester (yeah, I’m a Computer Science student taking Germany Language Study).

Apart from the illness part, I somewhat enjoy being hospitalized. It’s interesting! You know, being injected with infusion needle, having your blood taken every morning, having people taking care of you, and nobody would blame you if you sleep too much :P. I even really enjoy the “nasi tim ayam” menu, it was amazingly delicious!

Moreover, I really glad people were visiting me at the hospital. Thank you very much, guys 🙂

Getting back to hospital business, I also realized that there are sooo many diseases one can suffer, especially for the seniors. Let me take a list: diabetes, hypertension, stroke, cardiac disease, many-kind-of-cancers, osteoporosis, etc. Not to mention that several diseases lead to other diseases as well. What a friendly reminder. I realized I haven’t exercised regularly for years, perhaps not getting enough vegetables & water each day, and not getting enough sleep. Trust me, if you were me, waiting in the hall full of ill and pale people, you would become as paranoid as I do.

Another important thing: insurance. Good hospital (and good room) is not cheap, and the rule is, the better the hospital & room, the better the service you get. Obviously, the more expensive. There are also routine therapy or medication, which also costs quite a lot. That’s why health insurance is very important! Or if not a health insurance, at least get a savings for unexpected events. Can you imagine the trouble of being ill?

Since I’m getting healthier now, I try to manage my body. Eat as much vegetable as possible (it’s pretty much impossible eating more vegetable than red meat), drink plenty of water each day (2 liters = 10 glasses, which is quite a lot),  sleep at least 5 hours / day, swimming at least once a week, and use mask on the street. It may sounds paranoid, but I’m just saving my future & my descendants-to-be 🙂


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