Family Photo Hunting!

Last week, I went to a photo hunting, on my own. I usually do this kind of photo hunting with Aqid, but back then he was busy doing something. My objective was to take several pictures to be submitted to Grafkom, a photography competition for Fasilkom UI’s students. The theme of the competition was “The New Beginning”, so after a long and winding brainstorming, I figured I would take pictures of students in front of the sunrise, or students entering their schools, pretty much anything around that idea. I thought that students are the future of Indonesia, so everything related to them would be beginning-ful.

My forever-alone photo hunting was done in front of an elementary school, only 5 minutes from my dormitory. I went there around 12 o’clock in the noon. It was both good and bad options. Bad, because by that time, the sun was above us, so that the lighting would be too bright. Good news is, that is when morning-class students finished, and noon-class students arrive.

What I want to talk about here is the atmosphere I got when I arrived. There were moms -most of them young moms- chattering and probably doing gossips, sitting in a bus shelter in front of the school. They were moms who picked their child up from the morning class. There were also the students, eating rujak and snacks full of MSG, buying toys, waiting for anyone who will pick them up, or just playing around with the other children. What a nostalgia! :’)

The Waiting Girl

Apart from the morning class students, there were also people take the children to go to school. They could be parents or drivers or babysitters, I cannot decide which. The child then would say goodbye to the parent by kissing his/her hands. But isn’t that sweet, parents take their child to school, children say goodbye politely? Everything seems so sweet because they’re still elementary students, in stage of life that supposed to be filled with mostly family and sometimes school friends.

In my stage of life now, family probably get the smallest quality time, especially for my friends who leave their hometown. I really, really consider myself lucky because my parents’ house are only 2 hours away from my dormitory. Therefore, I can get in touch with them easily, enjoy many quality time with them, and be there whenever they need me. One word: alhamdulillah!

Anyhow.. I am curious about what would happen after graduation. The distance might be farther, but I do hope it has nothing to do with my quality time with them. After all, they’ve raised us, haven’t they?


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