Sometimes, we fight, we defend, we sacrifice, we do everything to love and be loved. We can be so blinded by one particular person that we almost forget it’s not us who has control. How can we be so sure that the one we fight for, is really the one for us? We fight to defend, to get a new relationship, yet it may lead to another heart break. Have we asked Him to tell us who is best for us?

We can fight til we shed all drops of tears, we can pray, but only He knows the best.


One thought on “Relationship

  1. Reading your post, is somehow so true.

    Talking about love and relationship is never ending.
    I think I have been gambling in here. Doing a relationship, trying hard, with laugh and tears in between, without really knowing what He has already planned.
    But how I keep praying hard to Him. Praying to make my choice right now will be the one to be part of my life in the future 🙂

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