Yeah It’s Holy-day!

Holiday is holiday, no matter what agenda you have in it. Even if it means routines. At least I get more time than I have in school days.

There are several targets I wish to accomplish this holiday. They are:

  • Internship. Tasting the life of office worker, focusing on coding and working in day, betraying moods. Wow. That is a total challenge for a night-worker like me. I really hope I can gain a lot of experience and knowledge from this 😀

  • Learning language. Whether it is conversational English or new one, it’s a must do!

  • Memorizing at least one surrah

  • Cooking!

So, what are your agenda this holiday?


2 thoughts on “Yeah It’s Holy-day!

  1. gw ijin kopi link blognya ya, btw blog gw lagi ngumpulin blog anak2 ultra nih he…
    klo da button like gw klik deh bwt blognya 😀

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