I was in a transjakarta from Pluit to Slipi last week. I saw a family there. It was a young family, with children on elementary school age.

I saw the father gave his children some biscuits, which, I think… is very wrong. It is okay to eat in a bus or train, but in a busway? The children even had the biscuits splattered in his hands.

I wonder if people know about the rule that prohibit everyone to eat inside a busway or transjakarta. For your info, there is a sticker posted on the busway window that prohibit people to smoke, eat, and drink. However, sometimes I found people do not obey these rules.

I have my own thoughts on that father and his children. I don’t know whether the father knows about the rule or not. I hope not, because he does, it is such a shame.

In many ways, that behavior was a bad example for his children. If his children was able to read, they will know that their father disobey the rule. The best case if the children are curious, perhaps they will ask the father why he did that. But I think, in most cases, children don’t do that. Thus, the children get a bad example from their parents, and might be a motivation to disobey another rule.

Even if his children haven’t been able to read, they will be able to read someday. If they still remember that case… Who knows what will happen?

Sadly, another similar case about obeying the rule also occured quite often. It is our job then, to set a good example, even in small things, to younger people.


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