Welcoming (me) back

Whew,it’s been a while since I logged in to this WP acc. Thank you to my senior Mishbah for the reminder.

So now I’m in my sixth semester, which probably the most un-busiest and different semester I had. 18 academic credits! Perfect for my non-academic plans.

Err, what the heck that I do with 18 credits? One of the reason is because of the killing 6 credits course, a course where the students are grouped and assigned to develop any mobile or desktop apps. Cool, but killing. My team finally agreed to develop an Android apps. Therefore, I’m gonna swim Android library this semester.

After 2 years spending my time in the faculty’s student executive organization, now I’m trying my best in the legislative one. So far, the legislative organization has always been infamous. It is a challenge to make it work as people expect. This year, we changed our strategy in recruiting in order to gain more people. As Yahya mentioned in his blog post, we succeed. This year’s DPM consists of more than 30 members!

But there’s one thing that I’d like to emphasis more. Last year my friends and I made a business plan and propose it to the Dikti. Alhamdulillah, they gave us plenty of money to start it. Start a business? Whew, it’s very challenging. It is difficult, need a lot of focus and trial and so forth… However, I do put a lot of hope and positive mind in it. It will be very delightful to see this business really works. Of course I am scared and worried that this won’t work. Pray and keep fighting is the best recipe 🙂

As the seniors once said:
– first year is a trial of organizations you interested on
– second year is settling on one and busy of non-academic matters, e.g. committees
– if the 1st and 2nd year is a trial and a look of experiences in organization, when you join one in 3rd year is serving to a chosen organization. Because most people use their 3rd year to focus on the topics they really interested on
– 4th year? Of course to focus on bachelor thesis. Except for some extraordinary people 🙂

So what happen to your term now? Enjoy your term, people! ;D


2 thoughts on “Welcoming (me) back

  1. So now I’m in my sixth semester, which probably the most un-busiest and different semester I had << say that again and I'll probably go ballistic (invu)

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