The Newly Transjakarta Corridor 9 and 10

Say hello to the freshly opened Transjakarta / Busway Corridor 9 and 10! Let’s give it up to DKI Jakarta’s government who finally open it after a long wait (since the lane is available) for more than a year. Congratulation!

The government finally opened it! Before I share my post, let me introduce you to the routes:

Corridor 9 (Pinang Ranti-Pluit) :

  • Terminal Pinang Ranti,
  • Taman Mini Garuda,
  • Pasar Kramat Jati,
  • Cililitan,
  • Sutoyo BKN,
  • Cawang UKI (also interchange to PGC Cililitan/Tanjung Priok),
  • Cawang BNN (also interchange to Kampung Rambutan/Kampung Melayu)
  • Cawang Ciliwung,
  • Cikoko Stasiun Cawang,
  • Tebet BKPM,
  • Pancoran Tugu,
  • Pancoran Barat,
  • Tegal Parang,
  • Kuningan Barat,
  • Gatot Subroto Jamsostek,
  • Gatot Subroto LIPI,
  • Semanggi (near Plaza Semanggi),
  • Senayan JCC,
  • Slipi Petamburan,
  • Slipi Kemanggisan (near Slipi Jaya and Peninsula),
  • S. Parman Harapan Kita,
  • S. Parman Podomoro City (near Taman Anggrek and Central Park, also interchange to Harmoni/Lebak Bulus)
  • Grogol 2 (near Mal Ciputra and Grogol Bus Terminal),
  • Latumenten Stasiun K.A,
  • Jembatan Besi,
  • Jembatan Dua,
  • Jembatan Tiga,
  • Penjaringan,
  • Pluit.

Corridor 10 (Cililitan-Tanjung Priok):
Cililitan PGC – Sutoto BKN – Cawang UKI – Sutoyo Cawang – Panjaitan Penas – Kebon Nanas Cipinang – Prumpung Pedati – Stasiun Jatinegara – A.Yani Bea Cukai – Utan Kayu Rawamangun – Pramuka BPKP 2 – Kayu Putih Rawasari – Pulomas Pacuan Kuda – Cempaka Putih – Yos Sudarso Cempaka Mas – Yos Sudarso Kodamar – Sunter Kelapa Gading – Plumpang Pertamina – Walikota Jakarta Utara – Permai Koja – Enggano -Terminal Tanjung Priok.
These routes are taken from here.

I think these new routes are great, because it reaaaally eases people from West Jakarta to go to Depok or Bogor. How? Well, you can either take the busway from Grogol or whatever, and then stop at Cikoko Stasiun Cawang and take the train to Depok or Bogor there. Or you can stop at Pancoran Tugu and wait for the bus to Depok from there (instead of waiting in S Parman Street). Yay! I also amazed with the arrival rate of the busway, in 30 minutes, more than 6 busways pass. Great job, Pemda Jakarta!

However, these new routes isn’t a good news for private vehicle drivers/owners and buses drivers. They bring traffic jam, worst than ever!
It hits the streets the route passes: S. Parman, Gatot Subroto, MT Haryono, etc. Thus, why not taking the busway, people? The fare is not so expensive, so far it’s safe (although be sure to be cautious), you don’t need to be afraid of 3-in-1 rule, and so forth. Moreover, it will also reduce air pollution and Jakarta’s traffic jam!

So, hey, all motorcycle riders, all private cars users, let’s invade the busway!


3 thoughts on “The Newly Transjakarta Corridor 9 and 10

  1. I hear from people its really nice to travel by transjakarta,I am residentof Kuala Lumpur want go to Klender rumah susun

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