My 2010 – 1

As Kirana says there, to not make the same mistake, one must remember and learn from the past. So here’s my 2010…

January. My 2010 begins with my decision to wear jilbab. Alhamdulillah, my resolution since like junior-high is finally achieved. That was on January 4th. In the next week, something that is quite the opposite happens: I’m in a relationship. Err, whatever. Let’s pray for the best of this relationship. Next, around the end of January, Kirana (again) sent me a text message, stating that the proposal my team and I propose to PKM is accepted and will be funded. Yeaaay! The project is kind of my dream, solving my problem every time I travel in Jakarta alone: a simple journey planner.

February. The fourth semester began, and so those most of campus activities, such as BEM and FUKI. As one of the BEM’s daily management, we interviewed many people and did a lot of meetings to plot the best to be the soldiers of BEM. My group’s PKM-T project also started this February. We made a lot of meetings with Mr Ruli, algorithming, calculating, and so forth. Not to forget, one of Fasilkom’s biggest event is going to be held in May: Computer Festival 2010! #compfest2010

March. There is nothing very significant I remember on March… I guess all I remember was Compfest’s activity getting hectic by days. People were started to asked for letters unexpectedly. Hufft. If I’m not mistaken, the very first version of path-finding algorithm for Sitrum (my group’s PKM project) is done by Ade and I 🙂

April. Compfest is getting so near! More meetings scheduled, our sponsors were few those days. Ah, and the best thing from April is the Tidung Getaway! We had this crazy idea of getting away from campus’ hectic life. The unfortunate? We did it when there was supposed to be a deadline of Computer Network assignment on 10 April. My friends were spending a night in my parents’ house and we depart very early to Tidung Island from Muara Angke. 4 boys, 3 girls. After that trip, a couple arise (y)

May. #compfest2010! There’s nothing more I can say, as I’m really proud of all the committee’s hard work, that our dream to make a one-stop event, the biggest event of Fasilkom UI was reached! Alhamdulillah. 8-9 May 2010, in SMESCO Gatot Subroto. There was also Monev of PKM, which stands for Monitor dan Evaluasi. In Monev, we must present what we have done so far in our project, how promising are they, how’s the evaluation, blah blah. Because in Monev, they will select the finalist to go to Pimnas 2010! I still remember how kak Jay’s wonderful presentation that day. His presentation captured everyone’s attention. Really inspiring.

June. Alhamdulillah, our PKM team got selected as finalist in Pimnas 2010 in Bali! Yeaaay! Another finalist from Fasilkom is Baticube. I really proud of this: two teams from Fasilkom was selected! 🙂 There were a lot of preparation done by UI officials to prepare our presentation. We got many debriefings how to presentate well. In June also, my uncle was married, my aunt and cousin from overseas was coming to Jakarta. A lot of family meetings 🙂

July. Er, I’ll continue this later. My eyes are 5 watt now and I’m yawning a lot.


One thought on “My 2010 – 1

  1. yamiiiiiiiiin
    aw aw aw blognya bule banget ya min, mantap *worship*
    mampir, sekalian promosi abis pindah url :p

    ~maap ya komennya gak ikutan bule, gapapa kan 😀

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