Day 1 – Holiday 2011

So here I am in …. Very similar with Indonesia, especially the buildings and the people. Some are better, like the train (yet it also costs more) but some are the same. Hmm, they also have kaki-lima markets everywhere, and night market (pasar malam :p)
We went to the Computer City first, almost as same as Mangga Dua, with lots of computer stuffs. Then we took the BTS train and eat in a mall. The first mall was a “universal” mall, very crowded and not so beautiful. The second mall is more beautiful yet more empty. Anyway, we already bought some woman things there, please note that this is the first day. Haha.


5 thoughts on “Day 1 – Holiday 2011

  1. yaminachiiii… jahat gak crita2 ~.~
    gw tau nih dimana kayaknya, kalo tebakan gw bener oleh2nya nambah ya, wakakaka.. xD *sotoy mode : on*
    ke tempat syutingnya mas leo waktu bikin film the beach ga min? 😛

  2. You don’t even give a single easy hint that I can guess where you are. Hmm.. first guest : Malaysia? Second guess : Singapore? Last guess : IDK, I can’t find any other countries that has similarities with ours.
    *and yet Ade says all of my guesses are wrong. Dem

    • ^ I did’nt know either but I got the right guess hehe :mrgreen:,
      easy one..simply google these keywords: ‘BTS computer city’..
      and taraaa! you’ll get that XD

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