Holiday and Post-Holiday

Hello folks! Be careful, this post might bore you half to death. Trying to write beautiful words and topics is deadly difficult, so rather than not posting at all, I’m back to my old writing style.

This holiday, some friends and I participated in a web design competition, so we worked on it quite hard. A thing that kind of bizarre here is that the server provided by the committee of the competition was hacked, so a lot of the teams’ websites were mysteriously lost a few components of the website or even the whole website. It might be the committee’s trick, though, but this problem was resolved when they decided to let us use our own hosting. Unfortunately, my friends and I didn’t pass to the final stage. But that’s okay 🙂

Another thing I did this holiday is taking a driving course, and… Getting a driving license! Finally. My parents were serious about this driving thing, which forced me to take 10 hours of driving course -_-. I think that was too much, for I had some experiences on driving a car previously and the driving instructor keeps on following the same routes day by day. But my driving skill is, indeed, need a lot of refinement. The good thing to own a driving license is they allow me to drive now, even when we visited a lot of relatives. Another progress!

The new semester finally comes. It was hard to finally took off all the fun (emphasis on Baking Life, The Sims 3, and Plants Vs Zombies :p) behind. What is even harder to leave are family meetings, the warmth in it, and the chance to know more about the cousins. Ugh, I wish I could go home every weekend and have a chill conversation with each one of them =(. That was too much to wish for, I think, but after all, it’s good to be back to campus!

This fifth term is immensely different from the last one. For instance, the minimized role in campus’ committees and organization gives me the chance to finally take more credits ever in my whole university life: 21 credits. Err, okay, most of the people won’t think this credits are excessive, but for me, it is. There are a lot of reasons behind this, of course, but it won’t be shared here. Just for thought, University of Indonesia only has 4 effective month of lecture in a semester. This is a veeeery short term, not to add that there were Ied Fitr holiday this term. Taking 21 credits is rather risky.

Fifth term means I can choose which lecture I want to study, according to the field of computer science I want to learn more. There are still compulsory courses I have to take. Some of them are dull nor very difficult, which make them not so fascinating. The chosen courses are day saver, they act as a coffee to face boring courses. Whatever happens this term, face it, don’t leave it! 😀

Old friends pass away, new friends appear. It is just like the days. An old day passes, a new day arrives. The important thing is to make it meaningful: a meaningful friend – or a meaningful day. 
Dalai Lama 


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