May … be?

I know I am not the greatest and the most consistent blogger in the world. So please forgive my activities that keep me busy. #yeahblameallthosestuff

May 2010 is probably the most wearing month I have had in my entire university years. May 2010 is when each and every activity I take this semester get its main part. The final exam, the Compfest 2010 main event, the Evaluation of PKM-will talk about this shortly-, the first financial report of Computer Science’s Student Executive Board, and last but not least, the relationship.

As Compfest 2010 is the first main event took place this month, so I will start from it.The Compfest 2010 is an event arranged by the students of Computer Science of University of Indonesia. It is one of the Student Executive Board of Computer Science work program. Compfest stands for Computer Festival, and this year’s Compfest took place in Smesco, Gatot Subroto, the first Compfest that took place outside the University of Indonesia! I served as secretary there, which is a very busy position, if I may say. Alhamdulillah, the event went well. However, the burden is still left: the accountability report. Sigh.

What came next is the final exam. The final exam is like it always have been. Studying until late, regretting all the time that is lost-even though they are lost in a good way-. Is still praying and hoping for the best.

Interleaved with the final exam’s schedule is the evaluation of PKM. PKM is Program Kreativitas Mahasiswa, a part of Pimnas (Pekan Ilmiah Mahasiswa Nasional). The mechanism work this way. So a team of students propose a proposal to the Dikti (Departemen Pendidikan Tinggi) to get financed. The proposal is about serving the community in any field. To conclude, every students in different faculties can take part as long as the goal is to help the community.

Alhamdulillah, our proposal is financed by the Dikti. Our job this semester is to bring the proposal into reality. Most of our team are campus activists, means the most problem is about taking time to gather. Nevertheless, we are succeed in making the program!

The first financial report of the Student Executive Board is amazing. The report was declined a few times. For the sake of transparency of finance, I guess it is acceptable.

Everything in May is wrapped, so I am taking off. There will be more writing this summer, for I may be more vacant than ever :p

Take a breath, folks! 🙂



One thought on “May … be?

  1. yeaaay, finally you come back to the blogging world 😆
    you’ve tried your best, what’s next? just believe in God’s beautiful plan for us 😉

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