A Bit of Laziness

It has been very long since I’ve write my english post. Now it’s time to wake up this blog!

Some activities lately has made quite busy. Giving service as a secretary and treasurer at the same time take a lot of time in my daily schedule. Whoa, I really need an addition of hours in a day! (And so does everyone).

The fact is, I know I’ve taken too much a lot of non-academic activities this term, and I am ready for it. What I don’t prepare is the possibility that I might get so focused on them that I hardly doing my job as a student. I found myself felt very lazy on attending classes lately. However, I still keen on and very passionate on doing the given assignments. I even get more diligent recently doing them!

Well, this laziness might be caused by most of the class are morning class, whereas I’m not so used to it. So what if it’s morning? First, in the morning my mind still need some time to wake. Aaand, classes in the morning or afternoon make no difference: I still get home in the evening for doing miscellaneous job.

Any advice or suggestions fixing this?


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