I Call It Holiday

As always, we students in University of Indonesia are enjoying our odd semester holiday for one month, which is January. And now I don’t wanna miss a thing! Let’s do some fun!

My first trip of what I call holiday, is on 10 and 11th day of January, 2010. On the first day, my friends and I went to Bank Mandiri Museum, Kota Tua, and Plangi (Plaza Semanggi) too –‘. We took 310 pictures there >.<

So let me tell you about Bank Mandiri Museum. The entrance ticket are free for students, and you can only bring your cameras, wallet, and cellphone inside.We explored 3 levels; which is the underground, ground, and the first floor. Yeah, whatever you may call it.

In the ground, there are a few ancient things about banking, such as cashier machine, abacus, and telephone. There are also ATMs machine, from the very old to the latest model. Well, it’s not so interesting to tell, but the level is surely a good spot for taking pictures.

Things getting more interesting on the underground level. There are many many many safe-deposit box there, from the large ones to the smallest ones, and almost all are ancient objects. Also, there are some things like jail… which is one good spot to take photo :p

Alright, the first floor is the prettiest one, if I may say. This level consists of look-alike-meeting rooms. Some rooms are filled with pictures of directors of Bank Mandiri. Those rooms are cool! There are also rooms that contains old printers,  old telephones, scales, and money; from the ancient ones to the latest one. Cool!

Done with Bank Mandiri Museum, we stepped outside into the hot old town. Took some walk and some photos again, haha. Then we proceed to Plangi, sky dining and taking pictures (again).

The second day, Bank Indonesia Museum, is much more impressive! It’s a modern museum, with an auditorium to watch movies and some multimedia machine in it that provides history on Indonesia Bank. Like always, we’re only allowed to bring cellphone, wallet, and camera. Blitz are not allowed in some rooms.

We are welcomed with a room that projects falling coins movie to a screen, and we can take pictures in it (yeah, of course). The next room is the auditorium, which unfortunately only plays movie when the museum is crowded, or maybe by request only.

Let’s proceed. Several of the next rooms describe Indonesia in colonized period. Very beautiful indeed. One of the room is filled with painted glasses that forms buildings. Gorgeous. Another room consists of flat-large screen-TVs. How cool!

Going outside, we proceed to more beautiful rooms, that have figures of golds. So very elegant. The last one is the room of money with dim light. From the old to the latest version of money, and the presentation of money is better than the one in Mandiri Museum.


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