Keep On Track!

This term is no easy one. Unlike the first year, this second year in Computer Science is a bit more… challenging. Now my stack of act is full with organizations, committees, and a few addition acts which is not too related to my major. Which, somehow, I feel wrong about it, that I didn’t dig the core of computer science, that I only learn about it from lectures. And the stack put me in the more wrong state, which is putting the study life in the bottom of it.

Okay, I know it’s totally wrong. Or it isn’t? I found this habit very disturbing now (on mid test times), because there were times when I rarely touch those lectures slides and books. I feel like I fail 3 out of 4 mid tests I had until now. Ugh. Worse, the lecture is getting harder too. So now it’s a bit tricky to find a way to do the non-academic act and keep track on the lectures. Moreover, the members of my class is very competitive, it’s even harder to be on track! On the other side, this fact also pushing me to fight harder.

But life is a roller coaster, there are times to fall, isn’t it?

Anyhow, those acts are delighting. They keep me from getting bored :p. The fact that time is very expensive lately is giving me chance to learn how to manage time. And also learning how to sleep around 5 hours per day on weekdays, and paying them on weekends 😀

What is more surprising is that I haven’t fallen sick until now. And don’t be! Haha. Yet, there is one thing that keeps me happy but also frustrating… :p

Good luck on mid tests and take care of your health! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Keep On Track!

  1. 1. Make a priority list
    2. do ur activities according to the list.
    3. if there is another entry(i.e sudden agenda), consider it with each priority

  2. heumm..jadi mid testnya berhasil, kan?? hehe

    santai min. harus tetap aktif ikut kegiatan2 selama masih kuliah. ya ga?

    waktu gw dulu nyadar bahwa UI tuh buanyak banget kegiatan2 yang bisa dilakoni, jadi nambah semangat kuliah gw! hahaha.. yang penting kan time management. turs, masalah cocok ato tidaknya kegiatan dengan kuliah, ya tinggal dipilih-pilih.

    kalo gw mah ya: tahun pertama dan kedua buat ikut2 kepanitiaan, organisasi, nyari jati diri, teman, keberpihakan.

    nah, pas tahun ketiga:
    earn money (hehe), prestasi di luar kampus, usaha mandiri. intinya aktualisasi ilmu yang didapet pas tahun pertama dan kedua.

    tahun 1 – 4:
    harus tetap fokus kuliah donk!! ipk harus bagus, tinggi! biar ortu ga kecewa..

    “keberhasilan dalam mengatur waktu bukan terletak pada konsistennya kita dalam menjalankan jadwal yang telah kita rancang, tetapi pada seberapa suksesnya kita mengatasi prioritas-prioritas baru yang seringkali merusak jadwal kita itu” ^ ^

  3. agree with misbah!
    and agree much with Yasmin, especially with “The fact that time is very expensive”, “They keep me from getting bored :p”, and “putting the study life in the bottom of it”

    about the last thing, to be honest, I always put the academic on the very bottom of my priority since 2nd term to 7th term.. the exceptions is on the 1st, because it was my adaptation so I have to study hard (it was the highest IPK I’ve ever had :P), and also the 8th term because it was my last term (it was the highest IP I’ve ever had :D).

    I’ve been wanted to be an entrepreneur since my 2nd year, so I always think that formal study is not the most important. softskills, networks, leadership, creativity, and another entrepreneurship characters are the things I pursued most.

    I know it’s not a good deed to applied for everyone (esp. for those who want to be a researcher or continue study abroad) :P, but my point is just live our life happily (like what Yasmin has been done with the full of smiley post :D) while we’re on track to our dream (agree with Yasmin too), and not leaving our obligation..

    thanks for sharing min 🙂

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