A Few Updates

It’s been too long I let this blog in its hibernate mode. Let’s write something before the mood wears off.

A lot of things have been going on in the past one month plus plus that I’d like to share.

On a committee, I was asked to be a treasurer. Wow, this position is something that I have almost never done before. Secretary probably is my specialty, but handling money?? That’s something different. Anyhow, I learn a lot from it. Making budget plan, writing down the expenses and income, and finally making the financial report. The trouble I had in this position is that the other committee mostly forget to TAKE THE RECEIPT from the sellers (aka kwitansi). Other thing that is quite nasty is that the report should be with dates, while most of the incomes have no date info on the receipt we have. Daaaang!

In the other committee, I happen to be a staff of the eating section section which take care of the food matters. I kinda love this job, since the job is fun and we deal with lots of food there  And this one will last for a few months, so let’s keep the spirit up!

The new semester have started. More interesting difficult courses are coming, more efforts must be done to accomplish those ones well. Not to forget, more obstacles are in the way. Well, not obstacles, but a few things that might be a distraction this semester. Such as, say, upcoming committees? Emotional distraction? More to come, I guess.

And now of course are Ied Fitr holiday, which is a pseudo holiday for college students, where they bury us with lots of assignments. Ah! How beautiful high school was

Yeehauw, let’s get back to reality! Face your future!


3 thoughts on “A Few Updates

  1. lama ya tidak update?? hoho

    sepertinya awan di fasilkom sedang tidak bagus. beberapa kawan lain juga belum update2 blognya. termasuk saia! hehe

    ditunggu tulisan selanjutny!

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