An Impostor??

Yes, I had an impostor! Uh well, on second thought, maybe it’s not an impostor, just a fake Facebook account of mine. I happen to know this a week ago, when my cousin was looking for my name to be added in Facebook, and found 3 persons with the same name. I know the second one because she added me some time ago, and (hopefully) she is a real Yasmin Khairina who lived in Banjarmasin. The fake one is the bottom one:

"yasmin khairina" search on facebook
"yasmin khairina" search on facebook

This impostor just swap my name, giving my maiden name “Khairina”, and he/she even use my real photos! This photo was from my last blog:

my blogger profile
my blogger profile

OMG! What the heck?!

Really, I don’t know whether I should be blushed

or scared because of this.

Is this some kind of joke or what?? Do I have a secret fan? Or maybe a freak?? Whoever did this, I was totally shocked. Haven’t added this account, though, waiting for some right time.

Well, one lesson learned: be careful on the net, guys! You won’t know if there’s someone using your ID. Do not ever share personal information, even your e-mail. I only give  a standard photo, but someone took wrong use of it.

All right, see ya later!


9 thoughts on “An Impostor??

  1. Pertamax+

    whew min, I think someone just trying to disturb you, I don’t know wether he or she who created it, but the motive is clearly to made you feel being stalked, and it’s worked !!
    BTW, my advice is just ignore them, and the problem is solved…
    goodluck XD

  2. now, have you seen her friend list?

    try to see it, if there are any mutual friends…

    it might be your friend who change his or her name,

    dunno, just check it out

  3. hey all.
    mm mungkn jangan di report, penasaran jg. diadd dulu ah, iseng. hehe 😀

    gada sama sekali tem, makanya mencurigakan bgt. jangan2 temen2nya jg virtual lagi? >.<

    btw, makasih ya smuaa 🙂

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