Summer Course and Buses

Summer course in University of Indonesia is now on! The cost is Rp 250.000,00 per credit. If you took 1 course (mostly 3 credits), you must pay Rp 750.000,00. Quite a money, huh?

I only take 1 course, which only take 2 meetings per week. Unfortunately I still have to go to the campus 4 days a week. What the heck?? So many consequences of taking a lot of activities and committees. Moreover, this holiday I don’t live in my cozy and lovely dormitory, but I live in my parents’ house in Jakarta. Consequently, I take buses in order to get to campus.

What? Me? That spoiled girl is taking buses? Yes, I finally get the chance to taste public transportation in Jakarta Jakarta-Depok.

Public transportation in Jakarta is somehow pathetic and enjoyable. I often use Depok-Grogol buses. Even one of the bus only cost you Rp 2.500,00 for that distance! But most of these buses will give you what people say “tua di jalan” because taking them -especially in traffic time- means losing 2 hours++ on the road. Some that are more expensive only took less than 2 hours, but you lose more money.

Anyway, I learned a lot from taking buses. I am one of the people who just sit on the back of the car, mostly don’t look out to learn the road. I sometimes sleep on the car and even read books (yeah, this one is bad for your eyes’ health). I also find it enjoyable to be in the car, cool and is sheltered from any kind of weather outside.

Taking buses means another way. I must watch the road in order to know where should I stop. I must also bring umbrella everyday, a preparation to face the rain while waiting on the road. Most notably, buses are not too comfortable. It’s hot, especially when you take it in the traffic time, which will make the bus full. A full bus means a lot of singing beggar inside, because they look for a crowded bus.

I know some people dislike these singing beggars. However, I think we should respect them, at least they who sing and play the instruments nicely, and it’s not too hard to find. They are also human, and by singing they also do some job, not just begging. Still, not every people are lucky. Jakarta is difficult, dude! Before going to the bus stop, I found myself preparing not only the money for the bus cost, but also some small coins to give to the singing beggar.

On the other hand, I don’t like to give money to children singing beggars. I don’t think they are supposed to be singing on the road and the bus like that. Moreover, I like the idea of giving them milk, as our friends in Bandung do. Not too difficult to try, eh?

Back to topic, one of the issues in public transportation is safety. This one depends on the owner. Most of buses user is likely to use their cellphones on the bus, whether to call or text message, which made me quite surprised. As long as you take care of your belongings well and be confidence (don’t look as if you’re scared) then it’s OK to use it. Yet don’t show off, only a fool done that. I even aslept sometimes, but alhamdulillah my belongings are safe. Asleep in the bus is not recommended, however!

That’s all. Some tidbits of my experience as a beginner in public transportation in Jakarta. Silly, I know. Guess I will make a page of buses around Depok-Jakarta later.

Good day, may the force be with you! πŸ˜€


10 thoughts on “Summer Course and Buses

  1. you can get AC81 bus or AC143 bus if u want comfortable. It’s cool although u are in the traffic time… πŸ˜€
    i aggree with u for children beggar. They should go to school, not go to road. Milk or bread is better for them than money.

  2. first bus nover die, hehe..
    yap, totally agreed about that children.. though I still can do nothing for them.. 😦

    ~Bagi linknya ya Min πŸ™‚

  3. Hoo.. rumahnya di grogol.. gua di cengkareng tuh.. mau nebeng motor? kkk…

    btw.. mang bahasa inggrisnya “pengemis” itu “singing beggar” ya? πŸ˜€

  4. wow….
    Benarkah Yamin mau ke Autralia?
    Nai bus XD ? biar tua di jalan.

    Some times I think that it would be interesting if I use public transportations.In the whole of my life I seldom use that things. foot (ES) – bike (JHS)- motorcycle (SHS and College) – public transportation (may be after graduate) πŸ˜€ .

    Min, klo ke Australi tolong beliin Tazmanian Devil XD.

  5. hah ostrali ? gapernah denger gw min :s

    eh min, naek bis tuh asik kok, tapi busway. hahah semoga suatu saat ada busway menuju depok. aaaaaahhh i love transjakarta so much ! better than deborah yang sering telat. 😦

  6. waaaah yamyn kasian jd sering PP, tapi enak ya myn kalo dirumah… apa2 gampang.. πŸ˜›

    gw di kosan harusnya rabo-jum’at doank tapi gara2 ngurusin tugas kelompok mulu jadi senen juga harus udah ke depok deh, huff..

    bener bgt tuh myn, gw juga suka ngantuk dan bosen di bis sendirian, mana sering macet pula.. huhuu… i miss the moments when i go home with you in the bus (berisik ngobrol ber2 di antara penumpang2 yg laen), hehee… πŸ™‚

  7. why dont use motorcycle? hohoho.. seems extreme, but really enjoyable!!

    although there are many issues that judge motorcycle is the main factor causing inflation. yea!!

  8. combo ya balesnya :p

    @ardilionheart: ya doo, tapi AC143 itu muter2 lagi… paling mantep deborah lah xD

    @e-rain: sama-sama kak, minta linknya juga ^^

    @havban: haha beneran nih? wkwkwk. boleh juga tuh πŸ˜€

    @ayazizah: apa ya… @_@

    @agungfirmansyah: saya juga, pas SD-SMP di antar jemput, SMA jalan kaki. hehe. kadang-kadang oke juga sih pake bus πŸ™‚

    @tembra: no komen…

    @nichan: setujuuuuu, transjakarta emang oke! tapi mahal pake deborah ke lebak bulusnya T___T

    @ade: iya de, gue jg kangen bikin ribut bus. hahaha. ntar saingan sama pengamennya kita xD

    @mishbah: NOOO! I hate motorcycle, mbaah. tapi kayaknya dipertimbangkan deh belajar itu, abis kayaknya berguna banget sih. hihi

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