Endless Illness

They say that this week is a “silent week”, which means there’s SUPPOSEDLY be no lecture, no task, we must study for the final exam, and so forth. But until I wrote this, I haven’t even touch any book or notes to prepare the exam. This happens because of the OOP project. Duh. It really takes time, you know.

The project description said that we should do the task in 3 hours per week. Yeah, like we are spending more that 5 hours per day doing it, and the progress until now is less than 50%. Maybe that 3 hours is applied for professional. Huh.

As if it’s not enough, I’m sick. Again. This time it’s not only daily flu and cough, but also asthma. I can’t help wondering why this is happening. I think I took adequate sleep time this week and had discipline meal time, but it did not affect the illness. Darn it.

Anyway, the internet lesson I taught to my mother finally gave me a benefit too. She has a facebook account now, and luckily she’s online right when I need or miss her :). So now I can chat with my mother and father without spending any cell phone credit. Great great great!

The final exam is coming in a few days, and this might be the last post before it. This one might sound sarcastic and full of complaints, but I really need to spill this one out, even though I don’t really like the idea of making this blog as a container of my complaints. All right, let’s go back to work!

May we have a great final exam!


12 thoughts on “Endless Illness

  1. It’s like up and down and now, we got the down version (at least until final test). My suggestion, the best things to do is know enjoy this “sick”day until holiday soon. Yes we can finish all of this.^^

  2. Tetep berantem Neng….

    Jaga kesehatan ya, terutama perihal pola makan dan pola tidur (telat, yasminnya udah “tepar”).

    Penyebab kenapa kita sering banyak menghabiskan waktu ketika ngerjain tugas adalah karena kita ga efektif menggunakan waktu.

    Tugas 15 menit -> pusing -> plurking 20 menit -> lihat tugas lagi -> bingung -> mencoba memahami tugas mulai dari awal -> dah paham, tp langsung pusing lagi -> facebooking 15 menit -> lihat tugas lagi -> dst…. 😀

  3. yeaaaah finally these two weeks are over…
    tinggal tugas5 dpbo ama ujian batik mgu depan..
    smangaaat yamynku sayaaang.. ^^

    cieeeh mamanya yamyn gaul bgt,hohoo…

    keep fight??? -> tetep berantem??? huahahahaaaaa 😆

    • yeah, but don’t forget that my sister does not have any facebook account. Or she had one and forget the password. Weird, huh? 😀
      and thanks for coming!

  4. @agungfirmansyah: oh yeaah, I just realized the ambiguity of your words. Keep fighting == tetep berantem? ampun deeh. Ahaha, tapi ga banyak plurking + facebooking kok, cuma banyakan pusingnya sih kak, haha 😀

    @ade: ya, ibuku oke banget deh. tapi belakangan jarang ol lagi *apa aku ya de yg jarang ol, hehe*

    @askmeaboutdota: terima kasih, kakak… ahaha 😉

    @asad: yap, hidup wordpress!

  5. @megan: yes meg, second semester wasn’t over. but now it is over! hehe 🙂

    @marry: merrrrrong! I had linked you. thanks dear. miss ya too!

    @akatsuki: thanks! keep fighting too…

    @mishbah: ahaha, you’re the one who should to teach me to write like you. tulisan2 lo oke, mbah. hehe 🙂

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